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This program offers more rational, better focused, and more comprehensive training for future cardiothoracic surgeons in a more effective educational framework, and the integrated curriculum proffers less onerous work weeks and a healthier lifestyle balance for the residents.
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Dedicated to providing a better quality of life for infants, children, and adolescents through excellence in clinical practice and pioneering basic research

Children aren’t simply miniature people who suffer the same diseases adults do, but on a smaller scale. Rather, they have their own specific afflictions and abnormalities and require surgical approaches specifically tailored to their size, developmental vulnerability and their rapid rate of growth. Just as newborns quickly outgrow their clothes, their heart and vessels may outgrow the patches surgeons use to repair them. As a mirror to our clinical practice, our basic research programs seek to resolve the unmet needs of children growing up with heart disease, and improve surgical approaches specific to pediatric cardiac surgery.

We are using specialized knowledge to
diagnose heart diseases prenatally, and
highly innovative approaches to treat and
care for our patients.



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Your gift to the Heart Center at LPCH can help make young patients more comfortable during their treatment and can help us make advances in research that improve surgery for congenital heart diseases, including advances in materials used to repair young hearts and arteries.

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